Steel Casements

We are often asked when restoring leaded lights also to restore the steel frames. We may even advise you on restoring these if it hasn’t been included, but we feel they would benefit from this treatment.

Ark have specialised in Crittal Frames and Traditional Flat Iron Casements.

It may be for the entire frame or just the opener, or perhaps a missing stay or bracket.

Once the panels and any debris have been removed, the frames are stripped down and then sandblasted to remove the paint and any rust that has accumulated.

This allows us to examine the frames and its accessories and repair any damage. Once the frames are ready we use a high zinc primer before powder coating or spray painting in a RAL colour chosen by the client. All accessories are added before the leaded panel or glass is fixed.

We can replace any missing frames and furnishings or frame sections and create new frames based on architect drawings.