Whether this is for an existing leaded light in a timber frame which you are updating for a UPVC frame or you have double glazing and want to add some colour, we can help.

We have made encapsulated units for UPVC frames, timber frames with appropriate rebates and steel casements.

If you have an existing leaded light, the process we have to undertake involves stripping away the old lead and replacing it with new lead to match the original profile.

We will also have to cut down the panel slightly for the room needed within the unit for the different sections required, but it is not by a lot and does not affect the overall look. New panels are designed with this in mind.

The panels are encapsulated between two pieces of toughened glass before installation and can come in any shape and size.

If you are unsure if your windows or doors can fit these units then give us a call and we can discuss the ratios needed and your options.

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