Wye Valley Round Window

Every extension to a home should have a central piece like this.

As part of an extension of the client’s kitchen, Ark Stained Glass was asked to design a new window featuring a scene from the Wye Valley, which the client frequents, including the Old Coat of Arms for Hereford and two Kites flying in the sky.

The original design was to be of one single oak tree on top of a hill with acorns on the ground, though this design didn’t go ahead, we still kept the oak theme in the borders with the oaks leaves and acorns. Tudor roses break up the border, with a simple yet elegant piece of text at the top.

Due to the amount of green in this window it was vital to show an array of colours and tones. In this window there are seven different colours of green glass to both emphasis distance and to draw the eye over the whole window.

Acid etching was used on the Coat of Arms and the tudor roses, with enamels and stain to finish off the look.