Wolverhampton Grammar School Benefactor Window

This window was presented to Dr Robin Cooper DSc PhD after he donated a large sum to the school to improve their science departments. He had been part of the school and a member of the Wulfrunian class in 1956, and wanted to give back to the school that started him on his path in Chemistry. He is also the President of the Wulfrunians in America where he now resides.

I was able to sit down with him to discuss what he wanted from his window. We came to decision that we would draw from the East Window which was filled with the Crests of previous Benefactors, but would also keep it modern as it would be seated next to a window we did previously. He also asked that we include something about chemistry, including the two formulae he developed in his career.

The window contains the same background grid and memorial script at the bottom of the window as its neighbour, with a large crest made up of blue flash glass. The swirling scroll holds the two formulae with two beakers in the centre holding liquids.