London, UK

Valentines Mansion is a building dating to the 1696, which until its restoration had been on English Heritage’s Buildings at Risk Register. As part of the major restoration project, there were three areas with historic glass;
A lantern sky-light with many sections of missing ground and curved glass and a badly corroded metal frame.

The frame was removed from site and missing sections of the frame were replaced. New pieces of glass were cut, ground and curved to fit.

A missing panel of painted glass, which there was no archive evidence of what it may have looked like, was designed and painted to suit existing.

A large Venetian window, which over the years had had many repairs, some good and some bad, and was in need of an extensive but sympathetic renovation. The basis of the restoration was to give back a sense of unity to the window without making it look uniform or removing the window’s historic integrity.

Main Contractor: Crispin and Borst Ltd

Architects:  HOK