St Mary’s & St Bartholomew’s Church, Hampton-in-Arden

Ark was approached back in February 2016 to design a memorial window for the father of two sisters, who passed away in 2012. He was a beloved member of the community and the church, and also an avid artists. He would watercolour lots of flowers, especially meadow wild flowers.

Having been shown some of these watercolours and chosen the porch window for the stained glass window, it was decided that we would recreate the grid of the original panel – so it would not stand out from the neighbouring panel and the two panels opposite. Giving the impression that the stained glass window was there all this time.

With the design of a watercolour painted meadow wild flower field with butterflies, our artist took on the challenge of creating this scene within the tinted square cut glass rather than cutting out the coloured glass individually – as this would look ‘bitty’ and take away from the original look of the panel which we wanted to keep. It also allowed us to created the ‘washy’ painted style of a watercolour painting.

The design was first worked out with trace paints for the outlines and shading, then enamels were mixed up and applied for the colours of the flowers and leaves, then silver stain applied for the butterflies. In the window you will find Birds Foot Trefoils, Buttercups, Knapweed, Plaintain and Red Campion. The panel was then leaded to match the original grid layout and lead used.

We always enjoy taking on something different and challenging ourselves, and even though this is a small window, it was one of our more exciting projects of the year.

The window was installed on 18th December 2017