Oscott College, Birmingham

As part of our ongoing conservation work at Oscott College, we were called in to look at a panel that had deteriorated further since our initial report back in March 2019.

There had been a crack in the castle since my report but was left at that point as it was stable and there were more pressing windows. However after the storms the UK had in September and October 2019, it was noted that the crack had become more prominent which indicated the panel had bowed further.

It was decided this was now a priority and that this panel and the one next to it, which was also bowing, would come out. The third panel in the set was left in-situ as it was in good condition.

Back at the studio the panels were stripped and cleaned using a de-ionised water mix, before all breaks were resin repaired and back-plated. The panels were then resized as it was discovered that they were much too big for the openings they were intended for, which would’ve been one of many causes as to why it was bowing. No painted glass was touched.

Once back together in lead to match the original matrix, we returned to site to put them back whilst the third panel was cleaned.