Knole House Exhibition with Artist CJ Mahony

CJ Mahony is a visual artist working with sculpture, installation and mixed media. She was commissioned to make a work for the National Trust property Knole House, seat of the Sackville-West family since 1604. It would be part of a larger project, ‘A Woman’s Place’, involving five artists exploring themes of gender, property and inheritance.

The piece involving Ark was to explore Vita Sackville-West who didn’t inherit the property due to her gender. CJ Mahony followed the line of ancestry through the female members to the most recent, and it is her hands who hold the model of Knole House, representing the member of the family who would’ve owned that property if Vita had been allowed to inherit Knole House.

CJ Mahony worked closely with our design team to put this installation together, from the glass choice, to the style of realistic paint work, lead work, frame and lighting.

The glass had to be cut by a water jet company, who also had to work closely with our design team as this was a new venture for them – it is normally not advised to water jet cut 4mm glass, especially at this scale. The glass was then painted, leaded and cemented before being installed onsite at Knole House ready for the exhibition.

The exhibition took place between May and October 2018.