Fixing others’ mistakes

Fixing mistakes

With our line of work, we come across leaded lights and stained glass windows where mistakes have been made along the way and haven’t been addressed. This can be as simple as a piece of glass being put inside out or upside down, the wrong colour used or the wrong lead used. The question we have to ask ourselves is whether we should change those mistakes. Sometimes it’s best to leave these mistakes as they are, especially in older windows where the mistakes are original, but others can be distracting from the overall look of the window and can be seen to be done during an earlier restoration.

The doorway below appears to be one of those mistakes where the installers didn’t quite get the window in the right order. This is easy to do if you don’t have a drawing of how the window should be installed. When we were brought in to create an overdoor leaded light to match the side panels and replace the unsuitable panel already installed, it became apparent to us that something wasn’t quite right.


If you look at the outside borders of the panels you can see that they do not follow through from top to bottom, the design of the top panel also doesn’t sit right being above the bottom panel. So at the same time as designing the over-light, we mocked up a design showing how the panels should be – bottom panel on top, top panel at the bottom. When the client saw this he was in agreement that the panels were installed incorrectly and agreed to have them moved around.

The results are as below:


Looks a lot better!

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