Surveys and Condition Reports

We can produce a detailed report on the condition of glass in situ. Photographs will be taken of the glass, ferramenta and also the mortar, from this we can make recommendations if there are any immediate issues and give an indication of the remaining lifespan based on the general rigidity of the windows and the extent of any poor repair work.


To help protect valuable and vulnerable glass and to provide additional security, we supply custom made stainless steel guards or poly carbonate sheeting that is installed on the exterior of the window.

Our Isothermal Glazing system is designed to overcome the concerns that have arose from the manufacturing processes and materials that are commonly employed in Isothermal Glazing, ensuring that the glass is fully supported by the window frame and not reliant on the glass itself for support.

Our Isothermal Glazing frames utilise a heavier angle section that is profiled to the window aperture and the glass is retained using a removable bead section, the Isothermal Glazing frames are manufactured using a brazing technique which is considerably stronger than soldering. The Iso-thermic frames are attached to the masonry using brass section machined to suit the angle of the stonework, and then the glass is installed in the rigid frame.


We are fully compliant with current building site regulations and all our fitting staff are CSCS card holders. Our onsite staff also hold PASMA and SSSTS certificates, making sure the installation is not only finished to the highest standard, but also in accordance with current Health and Safety policies. Risk assessments and method statements are available on request.


Restoration & Reproduction of Period Stained Glass & Leaded Lights

The extent of restoration or conservation required on individual projects may range from preventative conservation to full restoration. We have the skill set to advise the client on the level of intervention needed and to carry out the agreed treatment.

We have the skills to recreate existing designs using glass that is hand-crafted in much the same way as it was when the window was originally manufactured. We have access to hundreds of glass types in a variety of colours and textures, which gives us a myriad of options to match the original glass.

Our glass painters can recreate painting techniques and styles from a variety of periods.

In addition to the restoration of leaded lights and stained glass windows we restore period steel casements and wooden windows and can create perfect reproductions to preserve the historic look of a building.


In-House Designer & Painter: Louise Hemmings

Consideration for every aspect of developing your design idea or theme is undertaken, from the windows’ situation and light source to your preferred choice of colour palette. You will be able to be a part of each stage of the design, right from the initial sketch to the final watercolour, using traditional techniques.

We have worked with clients wanting the simpliest of cut glass designs to the highest quality stained glass windows.

Design Process:


Once the theme and style of the window(s) has been discussed a scaled drawing is designed to work out the layout of the window, the arrangement of figures or themes and basic design features. These can then be adjusted until the final design is agreed upon. The vidimus is scaled at 12:1.


Once the final scaled drawing has been approved, the colours are discussed before a watercolour is produced. This shows what coloured glass or enamels will be used and shows the overall look of the window. It is also what is used by ourselves to select the coloured glass for the entire window.


The ‘cartoon’ is the name given to the full scaled drawing produced once the watercolour is confirmed and accurate templates/measurements have been taken of the window. The cartoon is used to confirm all details including, faces, robes, backgrounds, objects, borders and anything else deemed important to the design as the cartoon is what the painters will work from. Only once all these details have been confirmed in the cartoon will it be passed on to the painters.