St Bridget’s Church, Bridstow, Hereford

St Bridget’s Church, Bridstow, Hereford

Built in the 12th century with a perpendicular tower which still stands, the rest of the exterior of the church was rebuilt in 1862 by Thomas Nicholson. The stained glass windows are designed by Charles Kempe.

It was when one of these windows was vandalised that Ark Stained Glass were approached to restore one of the two bases from the window featuring the Annunciation of Mary. The panel was completely destroyed and the only way to restore it was the repaint what we could, based on the panel next to it, using any surviving pieces – which there were not many.

Our biggest challenge was finding out the inscription for this second panel. We had the first inscription, “In Memory of Elizabeth Biss” and the date which had survived, though in four pieces, reading “MDCCCLXVIII” (1868). There were no records of what the inscription was, and no photographs. Even when searching online there were no images that showed the inscription. After sifting through the broken pieces and finding one image where the top of the inscription was barely visible we were able to determine that this inscription dated her death.

We found what was left of ‘February’ and when going through the death records found that Elizabeth Biss did indeed die on 4th February 1868. With this we were able to repaint the missing inscription.

The work done has been documented with an article in the Ross Gazette: Go to Article